1. Before your first blend of the day, turn the drive shaft with your hand a bit. This activates the self-lubricating feature of the blade assembly and will extend the life of your jar.
  2. While blending, do not push down on the jar. This may cause the jar to become stuck to the blender base because of the friction and heat generated by the blending process.
  3. Never rock, move or shake the jar during a blend cycle. If you need to adjust the ingredients, first remove the jar from the blender base.
Remember, always wait until the blade has stopped moving completely before removing the jar from the blender base.
  1. Just add hot tap water and one or two drops of liquid dish soap to the
    jar. Place the lid tightly on the jar.
  2. Place the jar on the motor base and touch pulse for five to ten seconds.
  3. Then rinse all soap from the jar and
    lid with warm water.
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