Building a kitchen needs professional skill to coordinate with all parties such as MEP, work - gas, ventilation, electricity, plumbing, fitting, adjusting. Make sure that it functions well.



Laguna 3 Deck Oven with underframe for 6 bakery trays (600x400) is the most professional with feature high energy efficiency, smart design, strong built and reliability. Each deck comes with separate standard control panel, and can fit 1 baking tray each.


Laguna 2 Deck Oven with Under Proofer. Suitable for show kitchen, coffee shop, and bakery. High energy eficiency feature, smart design, strong built and reliable. It comes with 2 chambers that can fit 2 trays of 600x400mm for each chamber, and 24 trays for proofer.

Modular Series

Precision and consistency throughout baking system, Modular series electric deck ovens come with innovative system include flexibility, clean energy, easy installation and above all cost-saving consumption.

Lievistop Series

With clever and proper time, yeast, temperature and humidity management, proofing of the dough can be retarded so it can be kept in a controlled and isolate environment. Proofing is completed, in an autonomous and programmed manner, at the set time, reducing the need for nighttime work.
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