Ice Machine

B35MANI425 + P356000064I

M Series 700 Ice Cube Machine on Storage Bin A570


As per model selected

Cube Ice Maker Model: IM-240NE-21 Daily Ice Production Capacity of Up 240 kg.


As per model selected

Flake Ice Maker ( With Bin Optional) Model: FM-300AKE-SB Daily Ice Production Capacity 320 Kg.


As per model selected

Special Size Cube Ice Maker Model: LM-550M-1 Daily Ice Production Capacity of Up to 63 Kg.


As per model selected

Ice Cube Machine iT-0420A on Storage Bin B420


iT-1900A + P353801074I

Ice Cube Machine iT-1900A On Storage Bin B970


B35MANI454 + P353801073I

Ice Cube Machine iT-1200A on Storage Bin B570


B35MANI453 + P353801083I

Ice Cube Machine iT-0300A on Storage Bin B400



Under Counter Ice Machine UYF-0310A



Under Counter Ice Machine UDF-0310A



Under Counter Ice Machine UYF-0240A



Under Counter Ice Machine UDF-0240A

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