The World's Most Innovative and Stylish Drinking Water Systems

Space saving unit size

Under counter technology
At Billi, we believe that every company globally is looking for efficiencies. 
Billi systems are often less than half the size of comparative products. The Billi Quadra range has been designed to fit within a 500mm cabinet without modification.

In addition, it does not require grilles or ventilation cupboard / space. Due to the high-tech unique compact design, the Billi systems will save you valuable under counter storage.



Energy – Recovery, recycling and saving

Heat Recovery Technology
In the early 90’s, the Billi Research and Development team started work. It took heat-exchange technology and applied it to a conventional water boiler. The product they designed became the world’s first under-counter boiling and chilled drinking water system.

Billi’s unique heat-exchange system allows a large amount of heat to be absorbed and stored. Typically, this heat, generated during the chilling cycle, is wasted to the atmosphere. Billi recovers this waste heat energy to preheat the boiling water enabling our systems to achieve substantial energy savings.

Time – Highest instant dispense cup rates
Billi offers a wide range of different combinations based on the required number of people it is going to service.

Boiling Delivery      90-250 cups per hour
Chilled Delivery      60-175 cups per hour
Sparkling Delivery 60-120 cups per hour

GreenTag Certification

Global GreenTag is one of the world's most robust, trusted and widely recognised ecolabels which independently assures that every product is fitness tested and certified under leading certification programs that use world's best scientific methods. 

Billi complies with GreenTag International standard v.32 with Gold level certification on the Eco, Quadra and Quadra Plus models.

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Why Choose Billi ?!




Find your perfect tap from the Billi product range.

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How to use the Billi XL tap

XL Lever dispenser in Matt Black
boiling and chilled filtered water system
Sink Mixer Tap in Matt Black
hot and cold water
XL Lever dispenser in Matt Black
boiling and chilled filtered water system
Gooseneck Sink Mixer Tap in Matt Black
hot and cold water

XL Dispenser in Rose Gold Color
Boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water system.
XL Dispenser in Chrome with riser 120 mm.
Boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water system
Paddle Mixer Tap in Chrome 
Hot and cold water
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