1.    Choose the item you would like to buy first.     Click button "ADD TO CART"  to put the selected item into cart.
2.    Selected item will be shown in Your Cart.
   Click at symbol +, next to the number under Quantity to add more quantity of the same item.
   Click "Continue Shopping" if you wish to purchase the other products OR click "Proceed to Checkout" if you wish to make a payment. 
3.      Click "Register" button for creating an account with AMT to receive news or promotions from us. 
OR Click "Guest Checkout" button for a purchase as a guest. 
4.        Fill in shipping information (First name,  Phone number, E-mail, Address, Country, Postal code, Province/Region, City, and Subdistrict). 
All fields marked with "*" are mandatory.

5.    If tax invoice required,    tick box "use tax invoice".
 *Important Note * 
Please check your information before confirming the purchase order. 
If you click confirm, the system will not be able to edit the information on your tax invoice. 
   Click the circle button to choose income tax type: Personal or Corporate
   Fill in Name, ID card, Phone number.
-  If use the same address as shipping address,    tick the box "Use the same address as shipping address". 
-  If different address,    fill in Address, Country, Postal code, Province/Region, City, and Subdistrict. 
All fields marked with "*" are mandatory.

6.       Review Order Summary before clicking on "Next" button. 
7.    Under Payment Method,    click "circle button" at Transfer and then    click "Order confirmation". 
8.    After finished the order process, the system will send you a purchase order confirmation to your specified e-mail.  
Please make a payment through available various channels such as bank counters, ATMs, online channels (Internet Banking / Mobile Banking) or QR Code.        
Click here to find more detail about how to pay for AMT products. 
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