Cleaner World with Innovative Technology for Ware Washing Cleaning and Disinfection
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Pick The Right Model for the Right Job!

The correct type of commercial dishwasher for you depends on space available, amount of dishes, glasses and cutlery to be washed, the size of the various types of washware and a wide variety of other factors.

Gio-Module for Spot-Free Glasses

The GiO MODULE from MEIKO basically eliminates the need for manual polishing and leaves dishes and glasses perfectly clean and virtually spot-free. 

 UPster series: High quality, high performance for less money 



 Get rid of waste at the touch of a button!

Meiko Green Brochure  >>>

Our pump and vacuum systems feature various different disposal units that get rid of food waste at the touch of a button. Clean and odour-free, this is the first step in the recycling process. So you can concentrate on cooking instead of wasting your time focusing on food waste! 

A New approach to food waste management

You can select from a range of feeding stations. Whether 100 or more than 10,000 meals per day – we have the right solution for your needs, because the input stations can be freely combined, including the right tank and accessory equipment.
    Optimize hygiene standards (HACCP) within commercial kitchens
    Reducing manual food waste handling by stewarding staff
    Optimizing workspaces (e.g. ergonomics)
    Reducing expensive room for waste storage
    Eliminating bad smells of food waste storage rooms
    Eliminating pest
    Working towards a more sustainable future
Hygienic and economical food waste pulper and dewatering system
for grinding and condensing assorted food waste, leftovers, vegetable waste and peelings.
With this compact unit the grinding mechanism and de-watering press are installed separately, so that the grinding mechanism(s) are installed where the waste actually arises (e.g. in the preparation zone or wash-up area), whereas the de-watering press is installed directly in the waste disposal room.
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