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Starting with the Right Partner ...

The journey began in late 1971, when Allied Metals (Thailand) Co., Ltd, was established in Bangkok, Thailand with the vision to supply professional kitchen equipment to hotels, restaurants, airline catering, cooking schools, and other Food & Beverage facilities.  

Our philosophy is to walk side by side with customers in their thinking, understand their needs, and convert customer’s wish list into a real functional and productive kitchen facility

Today, the food service industry is changing rapidly, and so are customers. We see greater awareness on the green side of a kitchen, be it efficient use of resources, reduction of food wastage, reduction of pollution, use more eco- friendly and energy saving equipment that play an important part in the real cost saving of an operation.
Indeed, our responsibility is to focus more on designing, supplying, building, and maintaining sustainable kitchen. We will help customer to achieve maximum return of an investment while creating minimum negative impact on environment.

We are happy to share our experience that will help contribute to your success.


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