SANTOS Ice Crusher #53


SKU : B35SANT001

ICE CRUSHER. Santos #53 - A powerful ice crusher.


Powerful and quiet asynchronous motor.

Heavy duty: appliance adapted to intensive use.

Non-slip rubber feet for high stability.

Top cover

Ergonomic handle

Front panel

Lighting of crushed ice

Standard ice bucket

Removable drip tray

Manual function (Long touch on the button): It crushes the ice as long as you push the button.

Auto function (Quick touch on the button): It automatically crushes all the ice placed in the tank (hands-free use).

Thermal safety: Motor protected by internal thermal detector.

Electrical safety: On/Off switch detects overloading and no voltage. All mechanical parts are ground connected Appliances are 100% tested after assembly.

Acoustic safety: Silent asynchronous motor.

Mechanical safety: A friction brake immediately stops the basket when opening the handle.

Hygiene: All removable parts can be put in a dishwasher or easily cleaned with hot soapy water

Technical data

Speed                                                             73 rpm (50 Hz) 89 rpm (60 Hz)

Exceptional output                                   150kg/h.

Ice cube tank capacity                            1.2kg

Dimensions (WxDxH)                              236 mm x 353 mm x 474 mm

Shipping box dimensions (WxDxH)  375 mm x 415 mm x 520 mm

Net Weight                                                  9.8 Kg

Shipment Weight                                     11.3 Kg

Voltage                                                         220-240 V; 50 Hz

Power                                                            130W CE, KC /155 W, CE UL, NSF Feeder

*Remark: Supply voltage for Thailand used


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