METRO qwikTRAK Floor Track Shelving with Super Erecta Pro Shelves


SKU : METRO qwikTRAK Floor Track Shelving with Super Erecta Pro Shelves

For Super Erecta®, Super Adjustable Super Erecta, and MetroMax® Storage System.


Maximizes Storage Capacity

Ideal for Rough or Choppy Floors

Accessible and Ergonomic

Easy to Lay Out and Assemble

Strong and Durable

Versatile: qwikTRAK is designed to fit most of Metro’s shelving systems

and can be configured in different lengths and widths.

Technical data

Weight load capacities (evenly distributed):

All stationary units - 2,000 lbs.(907 kg) evenly distributed

Mobile units:

Super Erecta, Super Adjustable, and MetroMax Q mobile unit:  2,000 lbs. (907 kg)

MetroMax i mobile unit:  1,200 lbs. (544 kg) per unit

MetroMax 4 mobile unit:  800 lbs. (363 kg) per unit

Actual length:  Nominal track length + the nominal width of each unit + 3” (76mm).

Actual width:  Nominal shelf length +3.5” (89mm)

Actual height of a mobile qwikTRAK unit is:  Nominal post height +4.5” (115mm)

It is recommended that the tracks are installed at least 2” (52mm) from the wall.


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