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Blast Chiller Mutifresh® MF 25.1 Organize your production and processes with flexibility 24 hours a day.


Sanigen® the Irinox patented sanification system, sanitizes every part of the chamber, including the areas that are difficult to access for cleaning (e.g. the evaporator, etc.)

Multirack® The exclusive adjustable tray rack by Irinox is used to alter the distance between trays every 20 mm, according to the thickness of the food, and to exploit the entire yield in Kg of MultiFresh.

MultiSensor® The MultiFresh® blast chiller is supplied with a MultiSensor® 5 point probe for perfect temperature control.

Defrost MultiFresh® does not defrost automatically because it is constantly able to remove all the heat from the chamber. This prevents the formation of ice on the evaporator.

Fan Speed Control With MultiFresh® it's possible to manage manually 5 different fan speeds. In this way we do not dry the products and maintain their natural humidity

HACCP (Hazard-Analysis and Control of Critical Points) is the protocol that regulates and prevents food contamination. It establishes and implements the monitoring of the Critical Control Points in order to reduce and prevent identified hazards


Technical data

Dimensions (WxDxH)mm                                  790 x 771 x 870

Weight (Kg)                                                               115

Power Max. (KW)                                                    1.2

Current Max. (A)                                                      6.5

Voltage                                                                        230V-50Hz (1N-PE)

Yield per cycle (From +90⁰C to +3/-18)        25Kg

*Remark: Supply voltage for Thailand used


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