KOLB K21-0500DM


SKU : KOLB K21-0500DM

Water Cooler 50 L with Water Meter


Tank is used with stainless steel AISI 304 (non toxic), to ensure health measures

Condensing unit is mounted in the lower part of the water cooler

With tank agitator to prevent ice to occur

Different sizes for your choice: 50L/100L/200L

Technical data

Material:                                                      SS 304

Overflow water outlet:                         1"

Water outlet:                                            1/2"

Water inlet:                                                1/2"

Dimension:                                                1337(W) x 654(D) x 683(H) mm.

Total power consumption:                 1.8 kW (7.8 A)

Total weight:                                             134 kg

Voltage:                                                      220-230V, 50/60HZ, PE

** Does not apply to special Voltage.

Volume:                                                       50 Liters

Cold water output / Hour:                   150 Liters

Installation: Necessary minimum distance to walls

Control panel side:                                 30 mm.

Rear side:                                                   170 mm.

At the cooling fan side:                        500 mm.

*Remark: Supply voltage for Thailand used


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