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SALAD SPINNER. Fast, sleek, quiet, user-friendly, safe, smooth running commercial salad spinner. designed to efficiently dry up to 6 Kg. / 10 gal. of salad per cycle.


Sammic salad spinners dry lettuce and other vegetables in as low as 1-3 minutes owing to their fast speed (900 r.p.m), ensuring good product quality.

Equipped with powerful three-phase motors controlled by highly reliable electronic speed variator, which enables the salad dryer to be connected to a single-phase electrical mains supply.

Stainless steel construction.

Lightweight and removable stainless steel basket.

Compact geometry: easily fits under conventional standard countertops.

Equipped with castors allowing the operator to wheel unit around the kitchen and under a countertop for easy storage.

Transparent, heavy duty lid for ease of control.

Lid equipped with a self-opening mechanism, for ease of access to basket.

User-friendly, waterproof control panel. Advanced features Electronic timer with 3 fixed cycles.

Weight distribution detection system (VCS) to  prevent rattling of the unit. Self lock-in mechanism to ensure basket is properly secured before cycle starts.

Braking system safety mechanism: allowing basket to stop turning as soon as lid opens.

An indicator appears when the door is open.

Technical data

External dimensions (WxDxH)mm                           540 x 750 x 665

Capacity per load                                                             6 Kg

Drainer hourly production                                            120 Kg - 360 Kg

Timer (min-max)                                                               60 " - 120 " - 180 "

2 speed                                                                                 350 rpm - 900 rpm

Motor speed                                                                       900 rpm

Power supply                                                                      230V/50Hz; 1N PE

Total loading                                                                        550 W

*Remark: Supply voltage for Thailand used


Standard Equipment

Castors with brake.

Stainless steel drying basket.


Optional Equipment

Additional stainless steel drying basket. Stainless steel construction, with aluminum base. 


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