SKU : B11FLAM121+P423100211I+P353600139I

EURO COMPACT - 2 RANGES Environmental Cooking Range,


Fast stir-frying batch cooking and Shanghai style cook

For back of house usage

Premix design for high efficiency

Insulated design for water saving

Operational noise level below 70dB(A)

Low CO emission (<0.01%)

Full width crumb tray at the bottom for collecting grease

Drainage with filter for hygiene

Safety Electromanetic valve with instant gas cut off (<5s)



Wok stand (Standard)

Basket holder (Standard)

Cold water pan (Standard)


Technical data

Dimensions (WxDxH)mm                      1500 x 750 x (810 + 360)

Gas type                                                        LPG / NG / Town Gas /, specify when ordering

Gas power                                                    25 KW x 2 = 50 KW

Gas Connection size                                DN 20

Water supply connection size             DN15

Water drainage connection size        DN40

Electrical connection for blower        220V/50Hz; 100W x 2


*Remark: Supply voltage for Thailand used.


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