DSS SS-1018/EC


SKU : B71DSS0001

SENSOR HAND WASH SINK. Hand wash sink for hygienic and sanitization in kitchens or any public areas.


DSS hand wash sink is made by using the state-of-the-art Deep Drawing Technology.  The entire sink body and the back penal are all welded artistically, smoothly and seamlessly into one complete sink unit for a much stronger and robust body;

Water temperature (hot & cold) can be adjusted;
Wash bowl shape is stylishly and artistically designed and engineered to maximum appealing effect and elegancy

Made of 1.2mm thick #304 stainless steel which can sustain heavy loads and will last much longer.  Moreoever, the 150mm deep sink bowl could accommodate high volume of water output into the sink bowl without having the water splashed out easily

The entire DSS hand sink is seamlessly and smoothly welded with no gaps in the entire sink unit/body which will prevent any possible collection and accumulation of dirt and bacteria.

Designed and engineered with ROUND corners to prevent possible work injury from accidentally pumping onto the corner of the sink

*Special requirement

Mounting screws for the hand sink are not provided as different structure of the wall would require different screws for installations.  Therefore, contractor is required to find/get the proper screws to install the sink unit.


Technical data

Dimensions (W x L x H)              383mm x 453mm x 520mm
Depth of Wash Bowl                    150mm

Net Weight                                       8.15kg

Water inlet                                        G ½”

Water outlet                                     G ½”

Water working pressure             0.05 ~ ~ 0.8Mpa

Operating voltage                          DC 6V

Power consumption (static)      0.05mW / <2W

Sensor range                                   20cm  (factory-setting)

Electronic sensor is powered by four (4) AAA alkaline batteries, which would allow approximately 300,000 runs in operation


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