MEIKO UPster H 500 with Gio Module


SKU : B87MEIK170



The Meiko GiO Module is the reverse osmosis system for first class water treatment. With a purity of approx. 98%, it produces almost completely desalinated water. The economic and environment friendly way to perfectly shiny clean and hygienically clean washware.

The advantages of the Meiko GiO Module at a glance:

Spotless wash and drying result

Valuable time savings:

No manual polishing up

Faster loading and unloading

Fewer glass breakages

No space wastage due to compact machine dimensions

Complete connection kit included in scope of delivery

Fully integrated into the dishwasher control system



Control system MIKE CPU1

Infrared interface for wireless communication

Automatic program start

Leakage detector

Boiler safety device

Drain pump

AktivPlus wash water filter system

Automatic self-cleaning when tank is drained

Back wall cladding

Integrated reverse osmisis ( separate, with connection and discharge set)

Technical data

Rack capacity/h (theoretical)               60/40/17 racks/h

Rack dimension                                         500 x 500 mm (540 x 540)

Entry height                                                 440 mm

Dimensions (WxDxH) mm                    635 x 1470 x 750 (800 with hood rod)

Electrical feeding cable                         3N PE 400V/50Hz

                                                                          Total connected load: 10.6 KW

                                                                          Max. rated current: 19.6A

Local Fuse protection                             20A

Machine protection class                      IP X4


Final rinse water quantity                      2.6 Liters/cycle

Boiler                                                              Contect: 10.5 L

                                                                           Heater: 7.50 KW

                                                                           Temperature: 83 ⁰C

Wash Tank                                                    Contect: 22 L

                                                                           Heater: 2 KW

                                                                           Temperature: 60 ⁰C

Wash pump performance                     0.75KW

Dosing of rinse aid                                    Hose pump (24V) with time control an suction lance.

Detergent dosage                                     Hose pump (24V) with time control an suction lance.

*Remark: Supply Voltage for Thailand used.


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