CAPTURE RAY™ HOOD With Capture Jets and low-velocity makeup air system on the front face


HACCP* certified

Considerable energy savings: 30 to 40% less exhaust airflow rates thanks to Capture Jet™ technology.

Savings on maintenance and enhanced safety: Two-level filtering with highly-efficient KSA cyclonic filters (UL, NSF and LPS 1263 certified). Neutralisation of remaining grease particles and vapours due to Capture Ray™ technology.

The drastic reduction in grease deposits lowers the cleaning costs for ductwork and exhaust plenums and raises hygiene and fire safety to the highest level.

The Capture Ray™ technology also reduces drastically the odours emissions.

Secure access to the UV-C lamps and CE-certified plug & play control system with LCD touch screen (Halton Touch Screen).

Better smoke capture and comfort due to a low-velocity diffuser built into the front face.

Performance tested independently in accordance with the ASTM 1704 standard. Exhaust airflow rates calculated on the basis of this performance and the calculation of cooking appliances' heat loads.

Quick and easy commissioning. Hoods delivered "ready to install", with all accessories included.

Sturdier and easier to clean: Less parts and less joints. Stainless steel construction.

Technical data

Integrated UV control system of a compact size with increased performance to remove the need for a control cabinet.

Integrated Capture RayTM Ultraviolet cassette with complete controls and safety features.

Easy and totally safe access to UV cassettes for maintenance.

Plug and Play CE-certified control system

The Capture RayTM hoods are equipped with high efficiency UV lamps of a 13,000 hours lifetime. They are integrated in a light stainless steel cassette, equipped with fast connectors and an ease of grip handle. The collection of the cassette for the regular UV lamps cleaning is fast and facile.

The control system is based on Halton Foodservice Control Platform (FCP) controllers and relays any faults within the system, including:

- Filter removed or UV door open

- UV lamps life time exceeded or ballast fault

- Low pressure alarm (or airflow)

- Communication error between unit.

*Remark: Supply voltage for Thailand used


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