HOOD WITH COLD MIST TECHNOLOGY With Capture Jets and front face makeup air technologies


HACCP(1) certified (CMW-FMOD).

Energy savings: reduction of the exhaust airflow rates due to Capture Jet™ technology.

Maximum fire safety: The Cold Mist acts at the same time as an air cooler and a spark/flame arrestor, preventing them from entering the exhaust plenums

Enhanced hygiene: the combination of the Cold Mist and the intercepting baffles in the exhaust plenum prevents the build-up of grease deposits in the ductwork. The automatic wash cycle thoroughly cleans the inside of the exhaust plenum at the end of the cooking period.

Better capture and comfort due to a low-velocity diffuser built into the front face.

Up to 80% savings on water consumption with the optional cold Mist On Demand technology (CMWFMOD): the water mist is automatically activated only when it is strictly required, depending on the real needs of the cooking appliances.

Performance tested independently in accordance with the ASTM 1704 standard.

Technical data

The dimensions shown are for modular sections only. Longer hoods are assembled using a combination of separate modules to make delivery and on-site handling easier. Other Capture Jet™ air supply possibilities or connections are available on request.

CCW-MOD control cabinet for CMW-IMOD and CMWFMOD hoods

The CCW-MOD cabinet automatically controls the « Cold Mist » for each section of hood, as well as the cleaning cycles at the end of the cooking period. It is fitted with the Halton Touch Screen, which is an intuitive and efficient interface. Cleaning cycles are entirely and easily adaptable to the kitchen's activity. They can also be triggered manually.

The Halton Touch Screen can also manage all other solutions in the Halton High Performance Kitchen Solutions. It is fully communicative, notably with the Building Management System.

*Remark: Supply voltage for Thailand used

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