CAPTURE JET™ AND CAPTURE RAY™ CEILING New design with Halton's Culinary Light (HCL) and low-velocity make up air


KCJ-UV combines the benefit of KCJ ceilings with the benefits of the Capture Ray™ technology.

Savings on maintenance and enhanced safety: Highlyefficient KSA cyclonic filters (UL, NSF and LPS 1263 certified). Depending on the local regulations, optional twin FC filters (complying with DIN 18869-5).

The drastic reduction of grease deposits lowers the cleaning costs for ductwork and exhaust plenums and raises hygiene and fire safety to the highest level due to Capture Ray™ technology.

The Capture Ray™ technology also drastically reduces the odours emissions.

Secure access to the UV-C lamps and CE-certified plug & play control system with LCD touch screen as an option (Halton Touch Screen).


Technical data

Exhaust plenums made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304, with no visible screws or studs, with seamless welding on the lower parts. Flanges and walls in 15/10 stainless steel, body of plenums in 10/10 stainless steel.

1.       Single plenum

2.       Single plenum with built-in light

3.       Double plenum with built-in light

4.       Highly-efficient KSA cyclonic filters which can be easily dismantled and machine-washed.

5.       Individual Capture Jet™ module

6.       Simple module

7.       Unit combined with a Capture Jet™ module.

8.       Lights built into the exhaust plenums

9.       Lights built into the vaults

10.     Lights built into the neutral zones

11.      Vaulted ceiling

12.     Neutral zone with light.

*Remark: Supply voltage for Thailand used


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