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FLIGHT TYPE DISHWASHING MACHINE Professional ware-washing technology from MEIKO.


Time to get upster B, professional ware-washing technology from MEIKO, cleaner, faster, and more economical.

The best choice for people, environment and your bottom line.

Upster B-Sophyisticated warewashing technology:

Upster B is the name of a new generation of warwashing technology. Perfectly tailored for people and the environment.

Upster B machines are economical, resource-efficient and user-friendly.

On the outside : a modern, functional design. On the inside: impressive German-made technology. Meiko Upster offers state-of-the-art technology at an impressively low price. So it's good for your bottom line.

UPster B offers an outstanding array of advanced technologies. Take the MIKE 3 CleanControl system, for example. Designed to make hygiene management more efficient than ever, it guarantees maximum cleanliness all the way down the line. The built-in chemical saving system CSS optimises wash performance, reducing chemical use by up to 50 percent. The CSS-Top version goes even further, achieving reductions in chemical use of up to 80 percent. What’s more, the intelligent AWS system significantly reduces the amount of water used by the warewasher, keeping the use of this valuable resource to a minimum while still maintaining sparkling clean results. MEIKO UPster B. All the latest warewashing improvements in a single system.


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