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CIRCUM Heat keeps foods at safe and even temperatures while retaining the maximum amount of natural food product moisture as there is no fan and no high-density heating elements that are used in the CIRCUM Heat holding cabinets and banquet carts. Using fan and high-density heating elements will result in drying out the food products and changing the texture of the food products to be served.

Temperature variance in the CIRCUM Heat products is very minimal, only a few degrees from top to bottom of the cabinet, while temperature fluctuations in almost all other top brands’ are easily over 15 degrees and in some even up to 25 degrees.

Designed to adapt to 1/1 GN pans.

General Specifications

#304 Stainless steel interior & exterior.

Ultra low energy consumption with a thermostatic control.

Zero ODP injected polyurethane insulation for environmental protection.

Factory preset temperature to operate between 76°C and 86°C to have a better control on temperature while having rooms for a possible adjustment of temperature within in a safe temperature range.

Electronic controller with a LCD display.

Safety cut out switch – heated.

Color-coded control panel (in red color for the heated cabinets) for easy identification of the nature of the cart.

Interior curved corners/edges for easy cleaning and hygiene & sanitation purposes.

Mechanical parts are easily accessible for quick servicing & maintenance.

One (1) GN 1/1 pan in 152mm depth is provided in each drawer.

*Remark: Supply voltage for Thailand used

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