STUDIO WILLIAM Karri Mirror - Coffee Spoon 116 mm. (4 pieces/set)


SKU : B99STUD010

Karri Mirror - Coffee Spoon 116 mm. x 4 pieces


The award-winning Karri range is one of our most popular, featuring a standing knife. 

The Karri tree is a type of eucalyptus tree found in Western Australia and is considered sacred by the Aborigines. One of the sacred uses of the tree is the wood is used in the making of the Didgeridoo. 

The Karri range is based around simplicity and sophistication, the knives are designed to stand up on the table, without falling over, akin to the great Eucalyptus. 

The Karri Mirror Coffee Spoon looks great with any discerning coffee connoisseur’s cup. The asymmetric Karri spoon bowls can be used for sipping, slurping, spooning and shoveling. 

Product Code: KAM880013
Length                          116 mm.
Approx. Weight          20 g.
Metal Thickness       3.0 mm.


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