Professional electric pizza oven for true Neapolitan pizza designed and made in Naples.


The perfect balance between size and productive power.


Pizza ready in 60 seconds with your mouth open

Traditional cooking with heat, infrared and convective motion of the air

Constant and almost uniform temperature

Flue only dedicated to it not required

No smoke, carbon monoxide (CO), harmful substances

No fuel management costs

It uses 37% renewable energy

Save about 30% on electricity consumption

On Request: 

Front or side retractable control panel

Totally painted in dark gray

Logo or other hand-wrought on copper band

Robust, strongly structured, with oversized components. Its captivating shape, its precious details fascinate at first glance. The lines, the materials, the colors, everything winks at tradition, skilfully mixing it with advanced construction technology.

The front of the Scugnizzonapoletano is embellished with copper worked by coppersmiths with relief engravings. The volcanic stone, used as a support surface for the baked product, is very thick and worked in a curved shape. The painting is in micaceous iron, highly resistant to corrosion and in perfect harmony with the machined copper parts.

As in a wood-fired oven, our cooking soil is also in Sorrento biscuit brick. Optimal heat transmission and conservation guarantee perfect cooking and the typical "leopard spot" color of Neapolitan pizza.

As there is no combustion, neither wood nor gas, the ducting that is placed serves only to convey heat and any smoke produced by the accidental burning of flour, oil or other.

Four halogen lamps, hidden from view, perfectly illuminate every point of the cooking chamber.

A custom hand-beaten engraving on copper is an optional that makes your oven unique.

The oven is on retractable swivel wheels giving the sensation that it is adherent to the ground. The perfect geometry of their positioning and their sturdiness make the system seem so light that it can be moved with extreme ease by a single person.

The resistors are in nichrome expertly stretched by hand. They cover every point of the cooking chamber both on the top and on the ground.

Energy saving electronic card. The possibility of setting both the sky and the ground is at 10 levels.

Technical data

Brand                                                                               Scugnizzonapoletano                  

Model                                                                              SCN-6             

Max. temperature                                                      460 °C                

Power supply                                                               220V - 400V /3 phase

External dimension (mm)                                        1100 (L) x 1350 (W) x 1760 (H)

Cooking chamber size                                             750 x 1130

Cooking chamber capacity                                   6 pizzas ø33 cm.

Weight                                                                             580 kg.

*Remark: Supply voltage for Thailand used.


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