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Small, fast and efficient. The Rapid Rinse Station reclaims valuable counter space with its minimal form factor, and is perfect for stacking multiple Blendtec jars. Best of all, it can reduce exposure to harmful sanitizers that irritate skin and cause lost time on the job.


Assembling& Maintenance    Simple to disassemble and clean 

Control                                             Easy one-push operation

Durability                                        Stainless steel nozzle for long-lasting operation

Versatility                                       Effective for rinsing any container of 8’’ diameter or smaller

Dimensions                                   H: 7.5” (19.1 cm)  D: 20.5” (52.1 cm) W: 8.8" (22.2 cm)

Weight                                            8.5 lbs (39 kg)

Additional Options                    Rinser Only or Ergonomic Version with Quick Disconnect

Certifications                              Conforms to NSF sanitation standards (For Model JRE)


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