Timcare GSO Gel


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Degreasing Exhaust Hoods, Ducts, and Kitchen Equipment/Utensils through usage of organic (plant based), cultured Super Catalase Enzyme.


GSO Gel melts grease and oil stains that stick around your cooking pans, exhaust hoods, stainless steel kitchen equipment and kitchen utensils. It's an organic (plant based), cultured Super Catalase Enzyme. This cultured protein creates a Kinetic Rate Increase for all other enzyme of 1,000’s to 100,000’s of thousands of times their normal rate of catalysis. The product also helps control pests in a natural way, ensuring that the need of managing pest do not inadvertently introduce toxic chemicals to the environment. 

The Fats, Oils and Grease (FOGs) in water are by-products of cooking. As FOG solidifies and deposits on the equipment surfaces, it leaves tough oil and grease stains. In addition, also producing bad smell which is ammonia sulfate that attracts pests.

  • Grease, oil stains that stick on your cooking pans, exhaust hoods, stainless steel kitchen equipment and kitchen utensils.
  • Oily kitchen floor
  • Foul-smelling toilet floor
  • Prevent and Remove fats, oils and greases (FOGs) in an organic and environmentally-friendly manner
  • Removes Odour so will not attract cockroaches, flies, and rats to the kitchen
  • For the best efficiency, spray the mixed GSO gel all over greasy surface, leave for 10-15 mins. before removing with scrub sponge (scotch brite).
  • 1 bottle contains 1 liter of concentrated GSO Gel. Mix with
    with water with ratio 1:1. (Mix only as needed as enzyme lasts 5 days after mixing with water.)
  • Odorless, no chemical, does not cause skin or eyes irritation, and no need to use with hot water.
  • Green-labeled, 100% Organic, & Environmental-Friendly. (Green Label, Acumen, SGS, and TUV Certified.)


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