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Parilla Grill for Serious Grilling

This Parilla grill becomes a real focal point in any given setting, letting people know you are serious about your grilling. But what really makes this grill stand out is the thought process that went during the design phase. K. Siradej Dhonavanik (Champ), De facto owner, who spearheaded the product design, explains that until you work with something like this, you cannot know what a grill is.

A culinary hobbyist, he incorporated all of the practical culinary observations into the design that led to an ideal product that we were after. While keeping durability in mind, he wanted control over the heat of the fire as well as the ability to split the grill into two parts as it would lend to practical functions.

But equally important was it had to look majestic, hence the decision to use the grill elevation system with the front-mounted wheel winders to raise and lower the grills. At just under 354 Inches wide, this grill is perfect for smaller foot prints and live-action stations where space is a factor.