THRILL Vortex F1 Pro Original

SKU : B10THRI001

INSTANT GLASS CHILLER. Creates a new quality standard for tasting cocktails and drinks.

Product Description


The Thrill Vortex F1 Pro instant drinks chiller is 100% stainless steel and comes in three colors: steel, black, white.

Thanks to these three finishes you can choose the color that best suits the style of your venue, opting for the stainless steel version if you want to focus on the glacial effect, black for a glamorous setting and white for a minimalist design.

All color finishes are the same quality as the Vortex F1 Pro is always designed in stainless steel and 100% Made in Italy. The black or white colored models are finished with high-strength epoxy paints that provide the highest resistance to wear and moisture.

Low CO2 consumption: 5g per second (-50% compared to competitors)

Rechargeable battery: Standard version battery lasts 7 days

100% Stainless steel: Resistant and easy to clean

Two years warranty: Guaranteed quality!

Use with one hand: Quick and easy for professional use

Anti-freeze patent: Without pauses or interruption for many hours

Wow effect: Eye-catching design

Silent: Just a characteristic hiss

All-weather electronic: Ready for outdoor usage

ERT Option: Connect to tanks located 8m/26ft or 12m/40ft away

Technical data

Outside dimensions                              7.87” x 7.87” x 10.12” h (cm 20 x 20 x 25,7 h)

Unit weight                                                16.53 lb. approx. with battery and 13.22 lb. approx.

                                                                        Without battery (excluding CO2 cylinder)

Gas Refrigerant                                       CO2 (Food Grade) Carbon Dioxide

Cylinder Type                                           CO2 Cylinder with Siphon tube (not included)

CO2 Line Standard Length                Approx. 10 feet (including connection valve)

Power Supply                                           Rechargeable 12V battery – 100/240 V AC Plug

Power Input                                              100 – 240 V AC

Frequency                                                 50 Hz

Max Power Capacity                             50 W

Battery Charger                                      Included

*Remark: Supply voltage for Thailand used


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