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Under Counter Ice Machine UYF-0310A

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Product Description


Performance – NEO produces more ice than ever before while using less water and energy. The storage bin provides industry leading capacity.

Intelligence – NEO provides feedback with full bin and service indicators. Delay function allows you to pause your machine for slow periods or days when you’re closed.

Convenience – NEO offers a forward-sliding storage bin for easy access to refrigeration components without having to move the entire ice machine. Smooth, sealed food-zone with removable water trough, distribution tube, and damper door for faster cleaning. AlphaSan dded to key internal components.

Available LuminIce® Growth Inhibitor extends cleaning intervals by reducing yeast and bacteria growth keeping your ice machine cleaner, longer.


Technical data

Dimensions (WxDxH)                                30" x 28.5" x 38.5" / 762mm x 724mm x 978mm

Ice Production 24 hours                          @Air 21⁰C/Water 10⁰C: 135 Kg

                                                                            @Air 32⁰C/Water 21⁰C: 107 Kg

Bin capacity                                                   54 kg

Water Inlet Temperature                         Min. 35⁰F (2⁰C) / Max. 90⁰F (32⁰C)

Water Inlet Pressure                                 Min. 20psi (140kPa) / Max. 80psi (552kPa)

Air temperature around condenser   Min. 40-110⁰F (4.4-43⁰C)

Voltage                                                            208-230/1/50Hz Air-cooled 4.5A

Maximum Fuse/Circuit Breaker           15A

Refrigerant                                                    R404A

*Remark: Supply voltage for Thailand used


Optional Arctic Pure® Water Filter: Reduce sediment and chlorine odors for better tasting ice.


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