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Flake Ice Maker ( With Bin Optional) Model: FM-300AKE-SB Daily Ice Production Capacity 320 Kg.

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Product Description


Carbon auger bearings enhances product life expectancy, reduces maintenance cost

Hydrocarbon refrigerants lowers energy consumption

100% hfc free CO2 foam insulation consistent temperature

Smart computer board technology

Stainless steel exterior

Led error indicator for easy diagnosis


Technical data

Ice shape                                                         Flake

External Dimensions (WxDxH)               560x700x780mm

Packed Dimensions (WxDxH)                671x820x971mm

Weight (Net/Gross)                                    80Kg/87Kg

Amperage/Starting Amperage             5.8A/19A

Electrical consumption                             1000W

Refrigerant Gas                                            R404A

Ice Production per 24H (15mm)           320Kg (Air temp 10⁰C/Water temp: 10⁰C)

                                                                            260Kg (Air temp 21⁰C/Water temp: 15⁰C)

Water consumption per 24H                0.29 m3   / 1L=1Kg Ice  (Air temp 21⁰C/Water temp: 15⁰C)

Storage Capacity                                        118Kg

*Remark: Supply voltage for Thailand used


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