WILLIAMS Meat Ageing Display Classic Style


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Signature Series by Williams Front-of-House Classic Style Meat Ageing Display


Operating temperature                      : +1/+4oC

Operating relative humidity              : 60% - 85%

Dimension                                                 : 737Wmm x 824Dmm x 1975Hmm (incl. 145Hmm castors)

England Green exterior with decorative S/S metalwork

Double layer ultra-clear toughened heated glass door

Carbon Filter with UV light for sterilization

Himalayan salt bricks with hinged cover

Fitted with drip tray

Hidden control panel

Internal warm white (2700K) LED light with dimming system

All visible edges with V-Cut bending

Environmental-friendly CFC-free R134a refrigerant


Capable to build the panels
according to your designed
Pantone Colours or RAL Colours
with our latest metalworking

*Remark: Supply voltage for Thailand used


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