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Laguna 3 Deck Oven with underframe for 6 bakery trays (600×400) is the most professional with feature high energy efficiency, smart design, strong built and reliability. Each deck comes with separate standard control panel, and can fit 1 baking tray each.

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This heavy duty  line vegetable cutting machine is suitable for commercial usage in restaurants, hotels, or canteens. The machine with combination of discs and grids can perform many types of cutting, be it slicing soft products like tomatoes, oranges, or lemons, shredding lettuce, rippled slices, cutting French fires, cube cuts, grating cheddar cheese, or cutting long-shaped products.

Please select the correct discs and grids

Package Includes:

Single – speed motor block

Regular hopper


Tube head for long product

Discs and grids

Support – trolley

Grid cleaning kit