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Solving the Environmental Problems with an Environmental Approach

Biotechnological inventions had provided us with new products that can be used to help manage the environment around us. For example, polluted water, air or even for our working space within the kitchen. A clean and hygienic kitchen, free from unpleasant smell contributes to a happy working experience and creativity. Plus, ‘safety’ is the most important concern for the operators.

Most operators are reluctant to open their grease tank within the kitchen area for cleaning. Since, it’s very dirty due to hardened grease residues over time and foul smell. The build up of grease and waste also attracts pest to the grease tank. Most importantly, pipes becomes clogged and create a larger problem for the property.

We would like to introduce the ‘Ecoball’, a solution from nature that changes difficult cleaning issues to a simple one. It’s a cultivated organic ‘Super Catalase Enzyme’ that helps clean up pollution and manage waste faster than the normal enzyme. Let’s solve environmental issues with nature’s own solution free from chemicals.