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Tang Seng Jua Chinese Pastry, Chacheongsao’s famous souvenir originating from Shantou, China.

Tang Seng Jua Chinese Pastry is Chacheongsao’s famous souvenir with recipes originating from Shantou, China. The secret recipe is passed on from generations to generations for over 90 years until present days. Tang Seng Jua Saen Phu Dat Branch is constructed to commemorate their decades of successful Chinese Pastry traditions.

Tang Seng Jua Saen Phu Dat Branch is their latest addition. It is constructed with concepts of harmonious mixtures of industrialism design and Asian heritages. This had made this branch the province’s newest tourist attraction, apart from being just a souvenir shop. Within the branch, lies a unique café where customers are able to linger and entice their taste buds with both Chinese Pastry, Cakes and Coffee.

In the near future, customers will be able to get a hands on experience of baking Chinese Pastry, Tang Seng Jua’s signature dessert. Where the owner has hand-picked the finest ingredients and created this delicacy. Finally, fulfill your journey of oriental heritage together with a Chinese tea tasting session.