Standard warranty for new equipment purchased is 1 year from date of purchase, installation, or as per agreed with customer. The liability of the Company under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of Equipment which, in the Company's sole discretion, is

1.   Defect caused by Manufacturer, defect as a result from transportation by the Company, or defect during installation or assembly process caused by the Company.                                         
2.   The foregoing warranty shall not apply:         

2.1  to any Equipment that has been altered, modified, dismantled or sabotaged by the customer without the Company's prior consent or whose seals or labels have been removed or tempered with;

2.2  to any Equipment whose damage is attributable to the customer,  by third parties or non-authorized technical services;

2.3   to any Equipment that has been subject to misuse, abuse, neglect, reckless or negligent act, accidental damage due to human error, and/or force majeure including, but not limited to any natural disaster such as fire, flooding, earthquake;

2.4  to any Equipment which is damaged as a result of an electrical surge, use of unstable electricity  sources or use of electrical sources or systems which are not in accordance with the Company’s recommendations or the manufacturer’s manual. Such parts that might be affected by abnormal voltage including but not limited to control board and heater;

2.5  to any Equipment whose defect is caused by household pests such as lizard, rat, cockroach etc.;

2.6  to any Equipment whose defect is caused by chemical reaction, salt spray, cleaning liquid excessive heat, excessive dust, or corrosive surroundings including, but not limited to cement factory, animal farm etc.;

2.7 to any Equipment which has not been properly and routinely cared for and maintained after normal usage, including, but not limited to, cleaning, degreasing, de-scaling where applicable, and service conducted by third party not authorized by the Company;

2.8  to any consumable parts and / or spare parts with expected lifetime such as sealant, O-ring, rubber gasket, door gasket, bearing, water filter, heater, all kind of light bulbs or lamps, blade, hinge castor, and fuse.

3.  This warranty is limited to repairing and/or replacing the defective spare parts only. The warranty does not cover any losses and damages caused directly or indirectly by the Equipment itself; in particular, personal injuries, pecuniary damages, legal deficiencies (e.g., infringements of industrial property rights), claims for compensation of expenses and material damages.

4.  Set‐up and adjustments of Equipment are not covered by this warranty.  In the event that the Equipment is required for re-setup or re-adjustment, relevant costs of labor will be charged to the customer, and the customer is responsible for all expenses incurred.

5.   The warranty shall not apply in the event that the customer has not fully paid the purchase price for the Equipment in accordance with the Company's terms for their sale, and/or in the event that the customer has not paid in full to the Company the total value of the purchase order inclusive of the Equipment supplied and Installation fee.

6.   Replacement of parts will be new, comparable in function and performance to the original condition and warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period. Should the Company ask the customer to return the defective parts, the customer must do so within 7 days after the customer receives the Company’s request to return the parts. The Company will charge the customer for the replacement parts if the customer fails to return such defective parts.

7.   Warranties are not extendable to any third party and only apply to the purchaser who purchases the Equipment directly from the Company or the Company’s authorized distributor unless the Company agrees otherwise in writing.

8.   The customer must provide this Certificate of Warranty should the customer wishes the Company to repair or replace any defective Equipment.

9.  The Company will be responsible for service charge for those cases that apply to item no. 1, However, there will be a transportation charge as per company standard. Any damage that falls into item no.2, the Company reserves the right to impose any necessary additional charges prior to attending the customer‘s site for repairing. 
The liability of the Company under this warranty shall not, in any event, exceed the total costs of repairing or replacing defective Equipment and the labor costs referred to above.

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