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Bottled Water 900 more times carbon intensive than tap water

By 2050, our ocean will contain more plastic waste than fish.** Have citizen of the world been paying too little attention to protect their own environment?

What if we start from something within reach- like using less plastic bottles, and sure it will be your double bonus if this could contribute to energy saving at the same time.

At Allied Metals, we are aware that protecting nature is not the role of just anyone’s, but it is everyone’s. Our priority is to support and select products with innovation or technology that helps address environmental issues. Billi’s sophisticated water dispensing system is one of our finely selected innovative products under the concept of sustainable development. Apart from being a premium filtered water that can be chilled, boiled, sparkling or still, Billi has a Recover&Reuse Energy Technology that is globally recognized with the ecolabel ‘GreenTag Certified for Sustainability’ This helps to reduce carbon emission that creates global warming and also saves energy directly.

Go green with sustainable water solutions from Billi, Go green with less plastic pollution that threatens our well-being, Go Green with us, Allied Metals.

**Statistics from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation who introduces Circular Economy, a systems solution framework which tackle global challenges such as climate change, waste, and pollution.