Quadra Sparkling 4100 XL

Quadra Sparkling is the ultimate in modern design and filtered drinking water appliances delivering instant Boiling and Chilled filtered water, with the added luxury of sparkling water. Suitable for big volume serving in the offices, hotels, or restaurants.

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906100L Billi  Quadra Sparkling 4100 XL is for Boiled, Chilled, and the added of luxury Sparkling drinking water.  This model  is suitable for high population areas in every environment.  Suggested serving per time is up to 100 people. The delivery of boiled water can be up to 250 cups* per hour, and 200 cups per hour for chilled +  sparkling water. Quadra under bench unit needs no cupboard ventilation for installation. It is designed with heat exchange technology for energy saving purpose.
* Calculating 1 cup is equal to 170 ml., and drawing 1 cup at every 10 seconds.

Options: (refer to spec sheet)
1. XL Levered Dispenser color : CH-
Chrome, MB-Matte Black or GM-Gun Metal Grey color
2. 992800: 70 mm Riser + Front
3. 992820: 70 mm Riser
4. 992803: 120 mm Riser + Front
5. 992830: 120 mm Riser
6. Additional RO or UV Filter
7. CO2 tank (local) + pressure regulator
8. Installation Package  

Warranty: 1 year on equipment under manufacturing defect from date of purchase.