Vortex SBI Built In

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Built In style Glass Chiller that uses food grade CO2 to chill and sanitise glass which kills up to 88% of bacteria in glasses as well as remove bad odour.

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The Vortex SBI built-in glass cooler will appeal to your customers because it improves the quality of the drinks served: it does not dilute drinks, does not change the flavours and aromas, and kills bacteria. The minimalist design allows you to build the Vortex SBI into any worktop, at the bar and at home, completely integrating the glass chiller into the furnishing of the business or your home. The shape allows a recessed built-in that is easy to clean, practical and won’t interfere with work efficiency. 
It’s the ideal professional machine to serve the best cocktails, drinks, beer and white wines, especially champagne and prosecco.

Benefit: All Iced Thrill glasses consume just 4g/sec of CO2, half of what competitive equipment consumes.


– Color: White, Black, Steel, Gold, Anthracite ( please see catalog)

– CO2 Food Grade Tank and Installation package

– Options for connection for CO2 tank: standard version (2.5 M), or ERT (8 M or 12 M)

2 years on spare parts (except wear and tear parts), and 1 year labour under manufacturing defect from date of purchase.
Transportation as per company’s policy


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