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State-of-the-art Pizza Oven with its heart for the environment, and its soul for the true Neapolitan pizza

IZZO Electric Pizza Oven preserves traditional pizza crafting with consistency of high temperature through the use of top-quality technology digital control together with handmade bricks (Biscotto di Sorrento) cooking floor and chamber to ensure the evenly spreading of the heat during baking.

The cooking time for a pizza is approximately 60 seconds at 450C or higher. Thanks to the ingenious design of its strong system and thermal insulation, when the unit is switched off, the temperature inside the dome still remains at 220 C for 10 hours. When restarting the system again, the oven will heat up very quickly as it starts from a very high temperature, allowing a remarkable energy saving.

IZZO- the first electric oven in the world ever approved and certified by AVPN (True Neapolitan Pizza Association)