The properties of alloy heating enables high thermal mass for rapid heating and prevent dry heating elements.



Laguna 3 Deck Oven with underframe for 6 bakery trays (600x400) is the most professional with feature high energy efficiency, smart design, strong built and reliability. Each deck comes with separate standard control panel, and can fit 1 baking tray each.

Modular Series

Precision and consistency throughout baking system, Modular series electric deck ovens come with innovative system include flexibility, clean energy, easy installation and above all cost-saving consumption.

Lievistop Series

Tagliavini Automatic Retarder Proofer concerns not only the quality of the finished product that is important, but also the quality of life for the worker. Tagliavini Retarder Proofer is a controlled fermentation unit that helps to reduce the nighttime work. Sophisticated software manages temperature and relative humidity during each production cycle: preservation, reactivation, proving and maintenance.


SE-208 is a Vacuum Machine table top model. It comes with 280 mm sealing bar, digital keyboard, 8 m³/h Busch vacuum pump and vacuum controlled by sensor.


Bake Off Combination Oven is a multifunctional bake off station that consists of an Atoll 800 convection oven ( fits 4 trays) + 1 deck oven that fits 1 tray of 600X400 mm + under base 12 trays proofer. Ideal for bake all kinds of bread, cake and pastries. Space efficient with great flexibility. *** Steam Hood Upon Request


Atoll 800 with Proofer designed for all kinds of frozen and fresh dough especially for puff pastry such as croissant, danish, puff, egg tart. Equipped with as many as 240 programs with step baking setting, ideal for frozen dough baking. Auto cleaning system. The oven can fit 4 baking trays at 600x400 mm sizing, and 14 trays for proofer. ** Steam hood upon request.


Laguna 2 Deck Oven with Under Proofer. Suitable for show kitchen, coffee shop, and bakery. High energy eficiency feature, smart design, strong built and reliable. It comes with 2 chambers that can fit 2 trays of 600x400mm for each chamber, and 24 trays for proofer.
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