Corporate News

For us, Sustainability not just a trend nor a viral.

Sustainability is a challenging concept we have been practicing for the past ten years. When it comes to Kitchen design, equipment selection, installation or even maintenance processes. We always keep in mind to make sure that each activity will minimize the negative impact on the environment.

Selecting appropriate equipment that use less energy while maximizing product efficiency not only being environmentally-friendly but also saving time and money for customers in the long run especially projects that grow green.

3 years back, we had a chance to design and build ‘The Food School’. A sharing community for Food Lovers, under the partnership of alliances who loves to eat and cook. This is a community where you can meet people with common interest who enjoy sharing, helping each other, and learning new techniques to create new menus. In return such concept will bring back a sustainable innovation for Thailand’s Food Industry.

We, Allied Metals is proud to play a part in supporting the development of projects which drives forward our nation towards a sustainable society.